Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Something Old, Something New...

Denizens of the dark, may I have a moment of your time? There is good news and there is bad news. Let's start with the bad.

The Bad News:

The Podcast of Darkness as you know it IS dead, deceased, gone to join the choir invisible... if I hadn't nailed it to the perch, it'd be pushing up the daisies! (Wait, that is a line from Monty Python). In any case, the Podcast of Darkness AS the Podcast of Darkness has died.

Now, we take you to the GOOD news:

The Podcast of Darkness is coming back as The Masquerader podcast! As far as Robert and Aaron go, they are no longer permanent fixtures on the airwaves. There are reasons for that, which I will go into, but let it be known that those reasons are not my own.

As The Masquerader, I will be solo-casting the new World of Darkness (trying to release what I'm covering ahead of time). I have made a concerted effort to obtain as many of the new WoD books as possible to be able to expound upon some of the ideas in the new World of Darkness. I will also be having guest hosts! Yes, now those super dedicated listeners can join me in my effort to podcast... and if you feel that one of my shows highlights a strong suit of yours, by all means, let me know and we can see about getting you online!

To expand: I am diligently working on a method of getting out my podcasts in a way other than the badongo method I was using before (i.e., I am trying not to be "ghetto"). This means I may have to pay for some sort service to either host it or distribute it that is more "professional" than we've been in the past. If I go this route, and I am limited to my own resources, my time online is limited, so I will be needing some assistance.

Don't think this "assistance" will be only in donation form. We'll be doing some t-shirts, mousepads, and maybe some other items... swag.

Now, the expansion on the status of Robert and Aaron.

In Robert's case, he is not in love with the new system. To say it easily, he hates the new system. I absolutely love this new system and since there is very little that I want to do with the OLD system, Robert probably won't be on very often or at all.

In Aaron's case, he is currently attending college. His commitment to anything other than his girlfriend and school is almost non-existent. There is certainly nothing wrong with that but his involvement in the new podcast (or the old one) will be a "now and then" type of deal. More power to him.

But, for the future, The Masquerader is what I am looking at doing and even running an online chronicle right along side the podcast... that, too, is being looked into as well. Since I'll be going a lot of this by myself (at least for the moment), I'd like a little patience. If you want to help, the place to start is with the Resources of Darkness. I'd like to turn that website into THE place for the new World of Darkness.

And, that will be the primary place for updates from here on out. I don't know how often I'll be updating this website but that one will get updated more often. Any help is good help.

Thanks and check out the new website.

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Blogger Tikanni said...

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Blogger Tikanni said...

your link for the Resources of Darkness is missing the index.php

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Blogger LimeCat said...

Thank you, tikanni!

The error has been corrected.

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