Friday, September 29, 2006

Episode 35 and Notes

First, the link to the Episode (35): Download this episode

Now, the notes (taken from the Forums of Darkness Announcements):
  • We are going to be putting more effort into researching Mage (for the Unbound chronicle) so that we can be more of an authority rather than just a couple of goons wading through it like everyone else.
  • We are returning the non-game specific segments like plot ideas, character creating, world building, and things like that. This will be a PERMANENT part of the show.
  • With this new focus, we may also be renaming the Podcast of Darkness to something less bland... maybe.
  • I now have the ability to use VIDEO, which includes having little loading time, no specific program requirements to run the show, and the ability to broadcast LIVE (which will include live call ins, live chat, text messaging, and more!). This will still be recorded as audio, but visual references can now be added to the program! (Which is another reason for a possible renaming)
  • A new forum, free of silly errors. The new forums will have modifications like a roleplaying system built in, a cash system built in, battling abilities, and things of the like... as I have said, though, that is giving me an issue with this at the moment.
  • A better interaction with all of you, as listeners, viewers, and players. How? Unbound. I am going to have to kick it in the ass with this thing once everything else starts falling into place and I will put some time aside on a regular basis so Unbound can be put online and started.
  • Finally, the freaking resources site I have promised. Yes, I will begin putting up articles and whatnot, mainly ones that appear on the show, that can be referenced and built upon by anyone with the desire to jump in and help.
These are the things we will be working on and there will be podcasts until we launch the video one. Thanks for listening!


Blogger Etherion said...

Alright first off I think this is a wonderful endeavour. For me who has bought mage and doesnt really see an opportunity to try it the near future, this is very interesting.

This comment is made having listened to the last few podcasts and not the latest one, number 35.

Now a few helpful hints, in order of importance:

1. The constant ribbing is becoming waaaaay tired, you guys just sound nervous when you do that all the time! I have nothing against some banter and at times its chuckleworthy, but seriously, so annoying!

2. The sudden bursts of loud sound, any sound including laughter is quite grating. Dustin has a good radio voice and should stick with it. Aaron's good but sounds like he's leaning back away from the mic.

3. The wife in the background, in or out boys, I feel left out of the loop when she comments and I cant hear it.

4. Better knowledge of the rules is in order. Sometimes you guys(Aaron) even diss the concepts and while thats ok now and then, it can get abit tiring. Plus less time gets wasted pondering them.

Alright thats all for now, Im going to keep listening up here in Iceland.

3:04 PM  

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