Saturday, August 26, 2006

Episodes 27, 28, and 29... oh my!

It is our first episode-a-thon! We're getting ready to get back into podcasting on a regular basis, again, and that means catching back up to where Legacy: Shadows of Blood is no longer running. Yes, that means there will be a definitive end to the Legacy run (as I have already mentioned on the forums), and that episode is #31, with #32 being our "look back" at what we thought of the chronicle.

So, here is the information for the podcasts that you can download! Put your lives on hold, folks, enjoy these great podcasts instead!

Episode 27 - Running Time: 41:23

Episode 28 - Running Time: 41:20

Episode 29 - Running Time: 41:55

As I have laid out above, episode 33 will be back on track with Mage: The Awakening, fleshing out the game in MORE detail than we did with Vampire: The Requiem and also giving you the preliminary information on Unbound, the Mage chronicle.

On a side note, Unbound will be hosted on my own website, Lime, as I am hoping to track the actual traffic and generate some more listeners without having to use Badongo. Regular Podcast of Darkness podcasts will still be on Badongo but Unbound will be 100% on Lime


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