Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Episode 11

Welcome back, one and all! There are several wonderful things going on here, and you can listen to them all at the link below! But first, some notes.

The intro music is MUCH shorter, so take a listen and you don't have to wait so long. You're welcome.

Our next game to tackle will be Mage, hopefully we can get some reading done on it for our next non-game podcast. Which, I must elaborate on, will go like this: Each week, we'll either have 1 game podcast, 1 non-game podcast, or 1 of each... they will not be merged into 1. So, you will always have at least one, but more than likely, you'll get TWO! Yay!

  • Session two begins with this podcast!
  • Aaron learns not to destroy things first and ask questions later.
  • Our heroes edge closer to the big mystery of Bismarck.
  • And two emails are replied to... because I feel bad for not having time to check the email.
  • Running time: 49:10



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