Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Episode 3

Here are the show notes for Episode 3:



Blogger babatunde said...

Great stuff! I'm in Billings, affectionately referred to as Blah, MT. My brother & I starting playing VtM in '99. We, at first, tried to use Blah as our setting, but quickly realized that under a million is only good for 10 vamps tops.

Having bigger plans, we glommed onto San Francisco. SF was the Camarilla setting, Oakland was the Sabbat setting & San Jose was the most northern part of the Anarch Free State. Everything was cool until WW put out SF by Night.

I reworked all of our original stuff into being a shadow sect that was called the Imperial Domain of Nova Albion, in honor of the first Vampire coming over with Sir Francis Drake who came ashore near SF to make repairs on his ship in 1579. Drake claimed the area for the British Empire naming the area Nova Albion or New Scotland/England (depending on your interpretation of Albion). All the offficial canon characters were the puppet society that kept the Camarilla from bringing in heavy hitters to reclaim the area for their purposes.

We ran with the idea of the Cathayans (Kindred of the East) as being in charge for about a month & then destroyed or drove them south back to LA. LA Anarchs appealed for help & we helped them destroy the remaining Kuei-Jin just before Gehenna.

When VtR came out I went back & revamped (haha) the whole thing over to the new system. The Covenants provide & much better system compared to the Sects of VtM. There's a lettle bit of each Covenant in each major city, plus my homebrewed Asian Covenant that has factions that range from peaceful coexistence to take over as the Dominant Covenant factions.

I do hope you record your gaming sessions. Love to hear what other folks are doing.

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