Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Chronicle

Just a note, for those checking for the podcast: we'll also be stepping through the creation process of a chronicle, for those who want to Storytell but aren't sure where to start.

When I made the jump from player to Storyteller, I wasn't sure where to start. After almost 10 years of tinkering around, I think I've finally got the hint on how to do it. I'd like to help pass that on.

With my troupe (Aaron and Robert, my co-hosts), we will help you create a chronicle and will be setting one up ourselves in the process. Tips from the best world builders, city builders, plot creators and so on will be gladly accepted and greatly appreciated. All you have to do is email the "contact" on this page to the right with your tips, tricks and aids or send in an MP3 which we'll be glad to put on the air.

Thanks for checking us out and we'll be up soon.


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